Saturday 17.00

Invited speaker: Sundberg, J. Title: The Singing Voice
Chair: Welch, G.


Sunday 6th Morning Session



Movement meaning and flux

Convenor: Davidson,J. Chair: Cohen,A.


Human voice development

Convener: Welch,G

Chair: Trehub,S

Discussant: Sundberg,J.


Categorisation, similarity perception cue abstraction
(First of 3 sessions)

Convenors: Deliège,I
Chair: Louhivouori,J

Discussiants: Baroni,M., Cross,I., Mélen,M.

Thematic Session:

Instrumental learning: participation and practice

Chair: Hallam,S.

Thematic Session:

Rhythm and meter

Chair: Parncutt,R.

Thematic Session:

Music performance

Chair: Gabrielsson,A.


Clarke, E.

Meaning and the specification of motion in music

Welch, G.

Genesis of singing behaviour

White, P.

Long-term average spectrum analysis of developmental changes in children's voices. (Abstract)

Howard, D.

Listener perception of girls and boys in an English cathedral choir

McAllister, A.

Psychological and perceptual voice characteristics in 10 year old girls as manifested in voice range profiles

Thurman, L.

Vocal self-expression and self-determination. (Abstract)

Deliège, I.

Perception of similarity and related theories

Ryan, K.

Perceived social support and children's participation in music

London, J.

Hierarchic representations on complex meters

Williamon, A.

Coordinating duo piano performance


Guile, L.

The expressive world of flux!

Anagnostopoulou, C.

Similarity and categorisation in boulez' parenthese from the third piano sonata: a formal analysis

McPherson, G.

Self regulation and musical practice: a longitudinal study

 Vazan, P.

Mental manipulation of meter


Ashley, R.

The pragmatics of conducting: analysing and interpreting conductor's expressive gestures


Correia, J.

Music performance as intimate self disclosure

Addessi, A.

Segmentation of post tonal music

Jorgensen, H.

Practice planning and instrumental achievement

 Hugardt, A.

Children Pulse and music

 Edlund, B.

Listening to oneself at a distance


Davidson, J.

Exploring the body in the production and perception of performance

Dibben, N.

Motive structure and the perception of similarity

Renwick, J.

I've got to do my scale first, a case study of a novice's clarinet practice

DiMatteo, R.

Time estimation and time related features of auditory environment

Keller, P.

Attentional resource allocation in musical ensemble performance 


Invited speaker: Costa-Giomi, E.
Music as an aid to learning and well-being (The nonmusical benefits of music instruction)
Chair: O'Neill, S.


Sunday 6th Afternoon Session


Poster session 1
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Demonstration paper session 1



The application of a theory of intrinsic musicality in therapy.

Convenor: Trevarthen,C.

Chair: Sloboda,J.

Discussant: Pavlicevic,M


The perception and performance of vibrato

Timmers,R., Desain, P. & Honing,H.

Chair: Honing,H

Discussant: Rodet, X

Symposium :

Categorisation, similarity perception, cue abstraction
(Second of 3 sessions)

Convenor: Deliège,I
Chair: Louhivouori,j.

Discussants: Baroni, M., Cross,I., Mélen,M.

Thematic Session:

Melodic representation

Chair: Kopiez,R.

Thematic session:

Song memory

Chair: Costa-Giomi,E.

Thematic session:

Models for pulse and rhythm

Chair: Povel,D.


Malloch, S.

Communicative musicality and human companionship


(Read by C. Trevarthen)

Gleiser, J & Friberg, A.

Vibrato rate and extent in violin performance


Cambouropoulos, E.

Melodic cue abstraction, similarity and category formation: a computational approach

Demorest, S.

The influence of phrase cues on children's melodic reconstructions


Chen-Hafteck, L.

Discussing cross-cultural issues in children's song learning and singing

Toiviainen, P.

The time-course of pulse sensation: dynamics of beat induction


Aldridge, D.

Musicality and rehabilitation in music therapy


Konishi, T., Satoshi, I. & Niimi, S.

Vibrato and emotion in singing voice



Categorisation processes in music perception during childhood


Martinez, I.

Testing models as predictors of the rivalry between structures and surface in the perception of melodies

Fomina, A.

Song melody influence on speech intonation memorisation

Todd, N.

A sensory motor theory III: human vs machine performance in a beat induction task



Trevarthen, C.

Timing and expression of emotion in natural musicality


Timmers, R. & Desain, P.

Vibrato, the questions and answers from musicians and science


Prototype effect in music listening: an empirical approach on the notion of imprint

Aoyagi, T.

Perception of modality in Arabic maqam: experiments with multiple methods and subject groups


Ginsborg, J.

Off by heart: expert singers? memorisation strategies and recall for the words and music of songs

Waadeland, C.

Modulated rhythms ? a new model of rhythmic performance


Aldridge, G

Musicality and mutuality: the development of melody


Yoshiyuki, Horii.

Perception and production of vocal vibrato rate and extent


Koniari, D.

Musical schemata in children from 10 to 12 years of age: a study on segmentation and mental line elaboration

Smith, N.

Pitch-distributional effects on the perception of tonality


Langner, J.

Rhythm periodicity and oscillation