Symposium introduction


Current Trends in the Study of Music and Emotion

Organisers: Marcel R. Zentner & Patrik N. Juslin

The study of music and emotion should be at the very heart of music psychology. Yet this is a topic that has been seriously neglected during the last few decades. Contemporary volumes on music psychology rarely discuss musical emotions at any length. However, there has recently been a resurge of interest in research on music and emotion. The intention of this symposium is to bring together researchers who have made theoretical and empirical contributions to this the field in order to show current trends in the study of music and emotion. Topics addressed by this symposium include: the nature of musical emotions, the relationship between emotion and cognition, the development of musical emotions, similarities between speech and music, continuous recording of emotional responses, parallels and contrasts between recognition and induction of emotion. The symposium is organised into two parts. Each part concludes with a discussion of important problems featuring an invited expert as discussant.


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