How this CD is Organised

This CD-ROM is designed to run as a local web site within any common Internet browser. If the computer is on-line to the Internet clicking on external links in these proceedings will connect to the external site. Additionally the collection is stored in Adobe Acrobat format with navigation links intact.

Original documents, as sent to us, are available stored under subdirectories for each day and can be accessed in the 'originals' folder. You will need the appropriate software to read these.

This CD will install nothing on your computer unless you explicitly choose to install something. It requires only the disk space and memory needed by the browser program. Most files use author names as filenames but due to the limitation of ISO filenames we have had to abbreviate some names.


How to Use the CD

1, On a PC.

This CD is optimised for a PC with Internet Explorer 5 installed. If the CD-rom drive is set to autorun the CD should start automatically. You will be asked if you want to run the simple wordsearch program, choose 'with' or 'without', then the first page will display. You may browse using the timetable menus, the alphabetical first author list or the wordsearch program. If Abobe Acrobat reader is installed the PDF version can be accessed from here. Once called the alpabetical lookup will stay visible in it's small frame and can be used at the same time as the timetable index.

2, On an Apple Mac

The CD will not autostart on an Apple Mac. The HTML files and the PDF file are however Apple Mac (ISO) filename compatible. To start the CD run a web browser and open the file called 'start.htm' on the CD.

3, On a linux or Unix workstation

How to start will depend on the configuration and software. Generally you will need to run a browser and open 'start.htm' as for the Apple mac. The CD has been tested with Netscape running under Linux.

The PDF archive

The Portable Document File archive requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4. You will find self-installing archive copies of Acrobat Reader for the PC and Apple Mac on the CD in the directory called 'PDF'. They can also be downloaded from

With Adobe Acrobat Reader installed you may if you wish, open the Adobe version of the proceedings directly and by-pass the web version. Acrobat Reader has built in search programs.

The Search Program

This is a simple word search program for the PC which scans the web type proceedings papers for the search string. It does not have logic, it simply searches for the word or phrase. When not in use it will hide behind the browser, clicking the 'psy' icon in the task bar will bring it back into view. Type the required word or phrase into the box and click on 'search'. It will retrieve a list of the papers containing the phrase, clicking on the results list will display the paper.