ESCOM regional representatives

ESCOM aims to support and promote research in the cognitive sciences of music in all European regions and all major languages. Regional languages are useful for media publicity (to bring music psychology to the attention of a broader audience) and applications of research findings in other fields of research and practice (including education, medicine, and performance). Our regional representatives organize events to promote research and enhance communication within their respective communities. (more...)

Finland: Suvi Saarikallio

France: Nicolas Farrugia

Italy: Anna Rita Addessi

Netherlands: Makiko Sadakata

Poland: Maria Chełkowska-Zacharewicz

Serbia: Blanka Bogunović (RNPaM)

Spain: Isabel Gutiérrez (AEPMIM)

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Germany: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Musikpsychologie (DGM)

United Kingdom: Society for Education, Music, and Psychology Research (SEMPRE)